Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything is gonna be alright!

The thought of a blog always sounds so good in my head, but then I finally sit down to write something, anything, and I just stare at this very, very white screen like an idiot. I think I have Blog Fright. Look it up. I promise it's a thing.
Anyway, I have amazing friends. Seriously, I have AH-mazing friends, and they have all been encouraging me to write about my life, what it was, what it is, and what it could be. Perhaps I'm just too damn scared to write so honestly about myself. But, my AH-mazing friends are much smarter than I am, especially when it comes to myself, I'm gonna give this blog thing a whirl. Here we go!
I'm 29 for the 6th time, and I am divorced. Wow, that sucked to write. I feel like I just uttered a shameful confession or introduced myself at some sort of meeting. Truthfully, I hate that I am divorced, but only because of Scoots. Scoots is my 7 year old, painfully adorable daughter. Her name is not Scoots. I have no idea why I call her that. I wish I could tell you some heartwarming anecdote about how when she was a baby she scooted around like a Vespa, but, alas, while I am sure she did scoot around like a Vespa, I still don't know why I call her that. Sometimes, I call her B or Bees. Don't know where that one came from, either. Her dad/my ex-husband,  Big Temp, calls her Bread. I do know where that one came from, and it is an adorable, heartwarming story. I am kind of mad at Big Temp because I am jealous he has the heartwarming meaning behind the bizarre nickname he gave his daughter. Oh well, I have lots of Barbies.
Let's get back on track! Crap, what am I talking about? Oh yeah, divorce. So, yeah, that happened 2 years ago. I made the incredibly intelligent decision to leave my husband and then instantly fall in love with a new boy, J. J was sexy, sweet, attentive, amazing in the sack, pretty much everything my ex-husband wasn't (well, he is all of those things, he just stopped being those things with me). J was practically perfect. Well, no, not really. Ok, so, he wasn't practically perfect. He wasn't even close to being perfect, but he was a good guy. We broke up.
So, now, I'm single. For real single. LIke, for really real single. And, I'm trying to be cool with it. But, I've got my AH-mazing friends, my precious heart, Scoots, my AH-dorable puppy, Potato, and who know... I'm sure something else awesome will come my way. One thing I will never lose is my own awesomeness.

So, this is my new blog. It's gonna be a place for me. I'm going to ramble, nothing will make sense, but it doesn't matter because it's for me. I've named it Champagne Thursday because Thursdays are always champagne days! Ok fine. Every day is a champagne day, but especially Thursdays!

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